• I already have a Yext subscription. Do I need to create a Developer Account to use your APIs?

    No, you can sign in to your existing Yext account and create an API key in your Developer Console. For more information, see our Get Started guide.

    If you are an Enterprise Client interested in adding or updating locations, please contact your Account Manager before creating an API key.
    If you are not able to access your Developer Console, contact your Account Manager.

  • I have a free account, but I'd like to use an API that requires a Yext subscription. How can I sign up?

    Email apisupport@yext.com, and a member of the API Support team will help you purchase a subscription that best meets your needs.

  • Will you continue to support v1 of your APIs?

    Yes, we plan on supporting v1 at least through 2017. However, any new functionality we add to our APIs will only be available in v2.

  • I'm currently using v1 of your APIs. How do I upgrade to v2?

    To use v2 of our APIs, go to your Developer Console, and create an app to get an API key for v2 endpoints.

    You can still use v1 endpoints after you get your v2 API key. You can transition to v2 on an endpoint-by-endpoint basis, or you can begin using v2 endpoints exclusively at any point.

    Please note, however, that your v2 API key cannot be used to send requests to v1 endpoints, and vice versa. Also, there are differences between the versions' requests and responses; attempts to upgrade by replacing "v1" with "v2" in your requests will cause your integration to fail.

    For information about each endpoint in v2, see API Reference.

  • Will I be able to use both v1 and v2 endpoints so I can upgrade to v2 one endpoint at a time?

    Yes. For example, you can use the Create Locations endpoint from v2 and the List Reviews endpoint from v1.

  • I reached out to the API Support team for help. When can I expect a response?

    A member of the team will assist you within one business day if you have a current subscription or within seven business days if you have a free account.

  • How do I format a location's business hours in the API?

    Please visit our Knowledge Manager documentation for information on formatting your business hours.